IDEM is concerned for the workers‘ health

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replica oakleys Sneed said the agency usually requires four consecutive samples showing excessive readings to trigger an action plan, but in this case, IDEM decided to notify the Census Bureau early that it should shut off its drinking water as a precaution.“Ongoing investigation of the contamination has continued since then to the point that we are today where a source removal has taken place, a remediation system is in place and cleanup is underway,“ Sneed said.IDEM is concerned for the workers‘ health, Sneed said, but its main charge is to make sure the Census Bureau and other parties involved help resolve the violation of drinking water standards.On its website, the Census Bureau touts its National Processing Center as a flexible workforce that can rapidly expand to more than 5,000 employees as happened for the 2010 census or scale back to its current staff of about 1,250.’No one knows anything’Teresa Irvin, who began working at the Census Bureau in 1997, is convinced that drinking the water and eating crushed ice from work dispensers led to her lung cancer. She had half of her right lung removed last year and her cancer has since remained in remission, though she remains bitter toward her employer, who she feels worked slowly to fix the problem and downplayed the contamination.“I’m with a lung and a half. I’m not as whole as I came in here and it’s all because of their negligence cheap oakley sunglasses,“ she said.Latoscia Mason, a Census Bureau spokeswoman, denied any cover up, saying it has continued to inform workers about the water test results, as required.Mason emailed a copy of an April employee newsletter to The Courier Journal. replica oakleys

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