Thank GOD I don’t have to deal with HIM anymore

Winning is one of the great thrills of life. Losing is one of itsgreat hardships. Unfortunately, our public school systems have gotten rid of both, believing that losing is too much for children to handle, thus depriving anyoneof winning. We are not out of the woods yet, and looking at the big picture, we have really just entered. The health of the economy can be summed up by the price of gold, which hits new, all time nominal highs by the week. Gold is telling us that something is very wrong.

This left only Uruguay tiny Uruguay. The Seleo had a one point advantage. Under the rules of the time, they only needed a draw in that last game to win the Cup.. With a barber, what you see is what you get. Just decide where the part goes and you’re all set. But even among barber shops, there is yet another divide: chain stores or family owned.

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